SKU: 092PN092PN

Product description

Fits: P10 (excluding optic cut slides)

Sight Styles

Plain (TSP)

Introducing TAG TSP sights – a pinnacle of high-quality steel construction meticulously CNC machined from billet steel to exacting dimensions. Crafted for discerning users who prioritize high performance in a no-frills package, TAG TSP sights deliver reliability and precision.

Distinguished by a QPQ Nitride finish, these sights excel in durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring optimal performance even in the harshest conditions. The TAG commitment to excellence extends to the sight picture, featuring an optimized radiused -notch for quick and precise targeting.

The front and rear sights boast serrated anti-glare faces, further enhancing your shooting experience. TAG TSP sights represent simplicity meeting sophistication, providing a robust and dependable solution for those who demand top-tier performance without unnecessary embellishments. 

Optics Ready (OR)

TAG Optics Ready line offers all the same great features as our Tactical sights in a taller package designed for use with the most popular dot optics.

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