Installation Guide:

*TAG Precision recommends our sights be installed
by a qualified gunsmith, while using a quality sight installation tool


  • Use your punch/drift on the dovetail (lowest surface of sight), and not on the body/blade of the sight. Pushing from the body/blade will cause the sight to tilt on an angle resulting in faulty install or breakage.


  • Make sure muzzle is always pointed in a safe

  • Remove magazine and visually check the chamber to
    make sure the firearm is completely unloaded first and foremost

  • For glock style front sights you will need to
    field strip the pistol to remove the recoil spring and the barrel from the

  • Use the glock tool to remove the mounting screw
    on the front of the sight

  • Degrease the contact surface of the sights and
    slide using rubbing alcohol

  • Check the sights alignment and make any needed
    adjustments to center it on the slide.

  • Install TAG Precision front sight on the top of
    the slide with the serrated end pointing towards the rear of the gun

  • Test to make sure the sight fits flush, some
    fitting may be needed

  • Do not overtighten the screw, only moderate force
    is needed to keep the sight in place

  • Dovetail sights for the front and rears may
    require minor fitting due to the tolerances of gun manufacturers. Tag Precision
    recommend using a qualified gunsmith for these installations


  • Use a c clamp to clamp the slide sideways on a
    flat, strong and non-moveable surface

  • Use a hammer and nylon punch to remove the
    factory sight

  • Degrease the dovetail slot on the rear slide

  • Take the TAG Precision rear sight and insert it
    into the dovetail slot using finger pressure only. If it does not slide 1/3 of
    the way in the slot, then remove the sight and lightly file the bottom of the
    sight rotating 180 degrees every 3-5 times until the sight can be finger pressed
    1/3 to ½ on the slot

  • Check the alignment of the sights frequently and
    make any adjustments needed to center