SKU: 029BE029PN

Product description

Fits: M&P & M2.0 - Full Size & Compact (9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP)

*Optional green front fiber optic included

Sight Styles

Hybrid (TSH)

Introducing TAG TSH sights – where innovation meets versatility. Our sights seamlessly combine the brilliance of patented FiberLok technology in the front sight with the simplicity of a plain rear. This unique hybrid design not only ensures fast target acquisition but also delivers spectacular contrast.

Equipped with our industry-leading FiberLok front sight, TAG TSH sights empower you with the freedom to customize your shooting experience by effortlessly switching out fiber colors using a simple hex key. The result? An array of optional colors that make your front sight truly stand out, providing optimal visibility in any lighting conditions. The HIGH-TEMP CNC machined fiber is secured by steel on the front and back side to ensure longevity of the fiber.

Crafted for precision and durability, all TAG Hybrid sights undergo a QPQ Nitride finish and are meticulously manufactured using CNC technology from billet steel. The anti-glare plain rear sight enhances your focus on the target, creating a harmonious balance between form and function. 

Optics Ready (OR)

TAG Optics Ready line offers all the same great features as our Tactical sights in a taller package designed for use with the most popular dot optics.

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