SKU: 011BE011BG

Product description

Fits:  XD® SERIES (XD®, XDS®, XDE™, XDM®) Including Mod.2® models, excluding OSP™ & 5.25” Comp models


*Optional green front fiber optic included

Sight Styles

Fiber (TSF)

Discover unparalleled brightness with our flagship TAG TSF sights – the ultimate sighting system that seamlessly combines reliability, robustness, and serviceability. Whether you're competing in a match or navigating the field, TAG TSF sights stand out as the brightest option in all light conditions.

Featuring our patented FiberLok technology, TAG TSF sights redefine user experience. With just a few seconds and the provided hex key – no heat required – shooters can effortlessly switch out fiber colors, ensuring adaptability to various shooting environments. The result is a dynamic and customizable shooting experience that sets TAG TSF sights apart.

Finished with precision in QPQ Nitride and meticulously crafted using CNC technology from billet steel, TAG TSF sights embody durability and accuracy. Experience a crisp sight picture, thanks to the ultra-bright fiber, and revel in premium construction that enhances your overall shooting performance. 

Tactical (TAC)

Tactical is our professional style cut that includes a ledge to enable one handed slide operation. These sights are optimized for slides without optics.